Dwarka Expressway (NPR) Alternative Roads

dwarka expressway

Hindrance and delay in completion of projects are deep-rooted in our country. When a project or a plan is launched, all the expectations of the benefactors of that project are from the quality and timely completion. And their non-completion on time will lead to the depressing situation. Same is the case with the proposed project of up gradation of 20km road that was expected to improve connectivity between Dwarka in Delhi and Manesar. It has been a decade now since the proposal for this project was passed, but it has still not seen the light of the day. Since the 20km road is still awaiting revamp, lakhs of commuters between Dwarka and Manesar has been denied a new viable alternative as the Dwarka expressway awaits completion. A decade is itself a long time just for the completion of a road.

This road runs parallel to the Northern Peripheral Road. It starts from Najafgarh Road in Delhi and enters Gurugram in Sectors 114 and 115. It is a part of the final development plan of Gurgaon-Manesar Urban Complex.The advantages of development of this road are many but the authorities in Delhi and Haryana have turned blind eye to the vitality of upgrading the road. This road would provide a smooth and hassle-free alternative stretch to Dwarka Expressway and many other sectors in the area. So, the construction of this road will be highly beneficial for commuters but it can only be possible if the completion of this project is achieved soon.  

But the question is why the project is not completed yet? According to the senior official at the Department Of Town and Country Planning of Haryana, the major hurdle in this project is the 2 km stretch of road, which will pass through Bamnoli and Raghopur villages in Delhi. According to the sources, the State Government of Haryana has already acquired land for the road that passes through sectors 114, 115, 103, 106 and 108 that goes towards Manesar.

According to some newspaper reports, the Chief Coordinator Planner (NCR) in the Haryana’s town and country planning department had raised the issue with the Vice-Chairman of Delhi Development Authority (DDA) in 2008. He asked for his solution to this problem in order to connect the road Najafgarh Road in Delhi Territory. The reason behind why the help was sought from the Delhi Government was because of the 2km stretch with one part entering Gurugram and another between Gurugram Sector 114 and 109, which falls in Zone-L and Zone-K (II) of the Delhi’s Zonal Development Plan. But even after a decade, the proposed road segment has not been even included in the Delhi Master Plan.

Credai (NCR), which is an apex body of Real Estate Developers has reported to the Urban Development Ministry regarding the lack of communication and understanding between the officials involved in the planning of the project between Dwarka in Delhi and Manesar in Gurugram. But still, nothing has been done in this direction. If the widening of the road is completed, then many homebuyers of more than 20 residential projects, including that of Chintels, Raheja, Adani, BPTP, India Bulls and many others would be benefited. The crux of the matter is that the road is awaiting revamp from such a long time that no one can predict when the time to rejoice will come.

As stated by Prashant Solomon, who is the managing director of the Chintels Group, Dwarka Expressway is a major connector and should be completed in over a year in order to derive maximum benefit. Currently, there is another road which is used by the thousands of commuters between Dwarka and West Delhi in order to go towards Manesar even now. He admitted that the lack of coordination between the government agencies is the main reason behind the non-completion of the stretch even in 10 years. The small stretch of the road is falling in the Delhi’s Bamnoli and Raghopur Villages and should be included in the Delhi Master Plan. This is crucial for the development of the entire road as an alternative to NH-8.

Naveen Raheja, who is CMD of Raheja Developers admitted that Haryana had already paid landowners on the stretch dividing sectors 114 and 115, but work had not started yet. He further added that unlike other roads caught in litigations, there is no legal hurdle in widening and repairing this particular road. Gurbinder Singh, who is a resident of A1801 in Chintels Paradiso in Sector 109, while highlighting the importance of Dwarka Expressway added that it is an important road and a lot of problems will be solved if the road is upgraded. Although the road is already there it needs only widening and repairing, that is not much work is left for the much-awaited road. Jagjit Singh, who lives in International City in Sector 109, said that Haryana and Delhi governments must coordinate and revamp the road that would benefit over 1 lakh homebuyers. The construction of this road is important both for commuters as well as for the leading real estate developers and builders.

The upgrade work of the road seems to finally see the light of the day as according to some sources at Huda, it is expected that the upgrade work on the Gurugram portion of the road will start very soon. In fact, the essentiality of this road can’t be denied as its widening and repairing will benefit the homebuyers of the many real estate builders and developers as mentioned before. It can be hoped that both the departments at Manesar and Delhi will sort out any problem pertaining to lack of understanding very soon. After waiting for a long time of about a decade, the demand of people will be acknowledged and a source of the hassle-free route of Dwarka Expressway will be available for the commuters who currently face many problems in a time to come. So, in brief, a promising time awaits the future of the concerned people.

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